Daytime testing extends on Nottingham Express Transit Phase Two

The sight of trams on the Chilwell line of Nottingham Express Transit during daylight hours is now a common occurrence following the extension of daytime testing through the Queens Medical Centre and alongside University Boulevard. Daylight testing also continues as far as Silverdale on the Clifton line with further extensions of the testing expected shortly.

Of course the whole of both the Chilwell and Clifton lines have been visited by trams overnight as part of the initial commissioning process but the extension of daylight testing is a major and visible sign of progress as we build towards an opening of the Phase Two lines in the middle part of this year.

Phil Hewitt, Executive Chairman of Tramlink Nottingham, said: “The first daytime trials along what is a really high-profile section of the new line is another important step forward. It will give people a real sense of what to expect when services start running in the middle of the year and when the QMC becomes the first hospital in the country to benefit from a direct link to a tram network.”

Chris Deas, NET Project Director for Nottingham City Council, added: “Being able to do the first daytime testing on the Chilwell route through built-up areas of Nottingham demonstrates intensive testing of the NET system. Successful tests will go a long way to confirming that the extended network will soon be available for public service.”

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