A new voice for NET

Regular travellers on Nottingham Express Transit will start to notice a new voice telling them the next stop over the next few weeks as the announcements have been re-recorded in preparation for the opening of the new lines later this year. Since NET originally opened in 2004 the same announcements, recorded by Wendy Smith, who is now a City Councillor, have been in use but it has been decided it is now time for a change with NET Customer Service Advisor Claire Towers taking on the mantle.

Jo Bentley, NET Customer Services Manager, said: “Claire was chosen to become the new ‘voice’ of the tram after colleagues put her name forward. They were really impressed with the way she deals with enquiries from customers on the telephone, and face-to-face in the NET travel centre, and she has a lovely voice that matches her calm and friendly personality. As we look forward to a really exciting year ahead, it seemed like the time was right to have a new voice for a new era, and we’re sure Claire’s tranquil tones will prove a hit with both new and existing customers.”

The new announcements have started to appear on selected trams with the changeover continuing over the next few weeks.

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