Nottingham Express Transit’s Citadis trams and their two numbers

Since the first Alstom Citadis tram was delivered to Nottingham there has been a common question asked: what is the other number carried on the side of the trams? Each of the Citadis trams was delivered with a three digit number on the side which signified the order number, so the first of the Citadis’ was 001 (216 in the NET fleet) and the last was 022 (237 in the NET fleet). Some of the trams have carried both numbers on their sides at the same time. These photos courtesy of Alan Smith illustrate exactly the different numbers.

228 - the 13th tram of the order - shows two numbers in this view.

The 16th Citadis to be buily was 231.

233 at the depot also showing its delivery number - 018. (All Photos: Alan Smith)

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3 Responses to Nottingham Express Transit’s Citadis trams and their two numbers

  1. TM says:

    The 001-022 series of numbers are the ‘build’ numbers allocated to the trams by Alstom. 216-237 are their Nottingham fleet numbers.

    • Paul D says:

      Yes that’s exactly what the article is telling us…

      Not sure what your point is or adds…

      • TM says:

        Order number is misleading, the number actually identifies the order in which they were actually ‘built’ in Barcelona. The number is also identifiable / located on the cab bulkhead and signifies which ‘module’ cab end.

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