Midland Metro fares to rise

Fares on Midland Metro are due to increase from Friday 2nd January 2015 although National Express West Midlands have said that they have tried to keep these to a minimum. Despite this all child singles will increase by 5p, child returns by at least 10p, adult singles by 10p and adult returns by at least 20p. There will also be increases on period Metro Cards.

The new fares will be as follows:

Child Single (Stage 1): £1.15 (previously £1.10)

Child Single (Stage 2): £1.50 (previously £1.45)

Child Single (Stage 3): £1.90 (previously £1.85)

Adult Single (Stage 1): £2.30 (previously £2.20)

Adult Single (Stage 2): £3.00 (previously £2.90)

Adult Single (Stage 3): £3.80 (previously £3.70)

Child Return (Stage 1): £1.95 (previously £1.85)

Child Return (Stage 2): £2.45 (previously £2.35)

Child Return (Stage 3): £3.00 (previously £2.85)

Adult Return (Stage 1): £3.90 (previously £3.70)

Adult Return (Stage 2): £4.90 (previously £4.70)

Adult Return (Stage 3): £6.00 (previously £5.70)

Metrocard – 1 week: £18.60 (previously £18.00)

Metrocard Direct Debit monthly: £58.50 (previously £56.50)

Metrocard – 4 week: £65.50 (previously £63.50)

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2 Responses to Midland Metro fares to rise

  1. Tony Sullivan says:

    No mention of day tickets! I think that these will have been used by many enthusiasts on visit to Birmingham. I think that the last time I used this ticket – in September – it was priced at £6.60

  2. tram man says:

    £6-60 for a day ticket,that makes Metrolinks day ticket for £5 seem like a real bargain considering the size of the system.Especially for the enthusiast,you can fly into Manchester airport then jump on a tram to Altrincham,Ashton,Bury,Eccles,East Didsbury, Oldham and Rochdale all for a fiver.yet people still moan about the fares being to high on Metrolink.Some people are never happy.(ha ha).

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