And this week Midland Metro’s T69s saw extensive use…

Sometimes you just need to admit defeat and stop making predictions! After last week predicting that the end for the Midland Metro T69 was fast approaching the past seven days has seen a(nother) major resurgence for the remaining class members with some days seeing seven of the LRVs in use. This has obviously meant that the Urbos 3s have taken a bit of back of seat during the week although it is thought that several more of these CAF built vehicles are almost ready to carry their first passengers.

There are 10 of the original 16 T69 vehicles remaining at Wednesbury Depot with one of these – 03 – being long-term withdrawn and this is very unlikely to ever carry passengers on the system again. Of the other nine 11 – which of course carries the Blue and White Birmingham Corporation inspired livery – has remained out of use and has been in the workshops although it is not known whether this is to return it to service or to prepare it for full withdrawal. A surprise this week has been the return to use of 08 which had last carried passengers on 4th November but this has been offset by the fact that 09 has remained confined to the depot and hasn’t been used since 1st December. (A full round-up of the current status of these trams is found at the end of this article)

On the Urbos 3 front seven of these vehicles are available for service on a regular basis (1820, 2226) subject to the usual maintenance caveats and it is expected that the next three numerical trams will soon be released for traffic. This will give 10 Urbos 3s to run the service which would allow a full service and could hasten the end of the T69s (although we aren’t predicting anything!).

T69 current status

01 – stored at Long Marston

02 – stored at Long Marston

03 – withdrawn, remains stored at Wednesbury Depot

04 – available for service

05 – available for service

06 – available for service

07 – stored at Long Marston

08 – available for service

09 – available for service

10 – available for service

11 – under attention in the workshop

12 – available for service

13 – stored at Long Marston

14 – stored at Long Marston

15 – stored at Long Marston

16 – available for service

Urbos 3 current status

17 – has run a few test runs but has yet to enter service

18 – available for service

19 – available for service

20 – available for service

21 – out of service but has been used in passenger service

22 – available for service

23 – out of service but has been used in passenger service

24 – available for service

25 – available for service

26 – available for service

27 – waiting to enter service

28 – waiting to enter service

29 – waiting to enter service

30 – undergoing testing

31 – undergoing testing

32 – has run on test once

* We will be paying another visit to Midland Metro in our Photo Galleries before Christmas, this time featuring images from November and December. All being well that should be uploaded next weekend.

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