Improved service on the way for the Docklands Light Railway

A new off peak five minute service across the entire Docklands Light Railway is to be introduced from 2017 it has been confirmed by the new operator KeolisAmey Docklands Ltd who took control on Sunday 7th December. The first improvements will be introduced from the start of next year when the Woolwich Arsenal line and the Bank-Lewisham route see increases in their frequency.

The new franchise – which will run to April 2021 and is valued in excess of £700 million – is to focus on boosting services and on implementing a series of service improvements to make journeys better for passengers. The service frequency improvements due are:

* Five minute off-peak service to Woolwich Arsenal in early 2015

* Five minute service from Bank to Lewisham until 2330 each day from early 2015

* Three car trains to be introduced between Stratford and Canary Wharf at weekends

* In the long term a five minute off peak service will run across the whole network by 2017

The franchise puts in place clear incentives to continue to drive the high levels of customer service already seen. This means there should be cleaner trains and stations, more reliable lifts and escalators, more efficient and reliable station maintenance and faster passenger journeys. The incentives will help to ensure that the network’s current 99% reliability record can be maintained.

Mike Brown, Managing Director of London Rail, said: “’I look forward to a successful partnership with KeolisAmey Docklands Ltd and I am confident this will result in an even better service for our customers. The increased services that the new operator will provide will help us meet growing demand and mean that we can continue to support economic development and growth. Our high standards of maintenance will continue and improve further – meaning cleaner trains and stations and other improvements that will make journeys for our customers even better.”

No new trains are due to be ordered as part of the agreement with the service frequency improvements possible with the current rolling stock.

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  1. James palma says:

    an excellent idea for 5 minute frequencies across DLR. But where will the 5 minute Woolwich Arsenal service run to? Bank, Stratford International etc.?

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