In Pictures: NET Phase Two Clifton line construction update

This photo update concentrates on the Nottingham Express Transit Phase Two extension to Clifton with construction work continuing ahead of a planned for opening sometime in 2015. It has been reported that completion of the trackwork on this line should not be far off and in these photos provided by Bob Gell we start off with the Karlsruhe Friendship Bridge before heading into Wilford where we see both completed and in progress trackwork.

We start our short tour on 28th November 2014 with a view of the Karlsruhe Friendship Bridge where work is continuing.

A number of wooden sculptures are being installed along Queens Walk. Here is one.

This is Wilford Toll Bridge looking north.

The stop at Wilford Village.

Still in Wilford this is the tramway alongside the former railway embankment.

Work is still in progress on the line here in Wilford.

Here is Wilford Lane stop.

And we end at Wilford Lane crossing. (All Photos: Bob Gell)

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3 Responses to In Pictures: NET Phase Two Clifton line construction update

  1. roger woodhead says:

    Just noticed there is a spur off the left hand track where does it go please as it is not wired up

  2. Paul Turner says:

    It’s a siding next to the tram stop. Described as a “Tram Maintenance Area” on the drawings

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