Heritage Trams this week

It’s that time of the week again as we round-up just when and where you can ride on heritage trams in the UK and Isle of Man. This weekend will be your last chance to have a ride on a tram in East Anglia for 2014 with the East Anglia Transport Museum closing for the winter at the end of Sunday 28th September and then just a week later it is the highlight of the year in Birkenhead as the Wirral Tram and Bus Show takes place (Sunday 5th October). Elsewhere you can still ride a tram every day of the week at Beamish, Blackpool, Crich, Great Orme, Manx Electric Railway, Seaton, Snaefell Mountain Railway and Summerlee.

Beamish: The Living Museum of the North

Current Status: Open daily

Opening hours: 1000-1700 (last admission 1500)

More info @ http://www.beamish.org.uk.

Birkenhead Heritage Tramway

Current Status: Operates every Saturday and Sunday.

Operating hours: Services run from Taylor Street Museum at 1300 and then every half hour until 1630, returning from Woodside Ferry at 1315 until the last possible return at 1615.

Next Special Event: Sunday 5th October – Bus & Tram Show

More info @ http://www.mtps.co.uk

Blackpool Tramway

Current Status: Operates nightly during the Illuminations until Sunday 9th November

Operating Hours: Tours start shortly after the Illuminations are switched on nightly (details of times can be found at http://www.blackpooltransport.com/services/illuminations)

More info @ https://www.facebook.com/BlackpoolHeritageTramTours

Crich Tramway Village

Current Status: Open Daily

Opening hours: 1000-1730 (last admission 1600). At least 3 trams should be in service each day (subject to availability)

Next special event: Sunday 12th October – Celebrate Blackpool 711’s 80th Birthday (with up to 9 trams in service)

More info @ http://www.tramway.co.uk

East Anglia Transport Museum

Current Status: Open (details of when see below).

Opening hours: Every Thursday & Saturday 1300-1700 (last admission 1600) and every Sunday 1100-1700 (last admission 1600) until Sunday 28th September.

More info @ http://www.eatm.org.uk/index.html

Great Orme Tramway

Current Status: Operates daily

Operating hours: 1000-1800 (during October 1000-1700) until late October. Trams every 20 minutes

More info @ http://www.greatormetramway.co.uk/index.asp

Heaton Park Tramway

Current Status: Open every Sunday and Bank Holiday Mondays.

Operating hours: 1200-1700 using at least one tram.

Next special event: Autumn Gala – Sunday 23rd November

More info @ http://www.heatonparktramway.co.uk

Manx Electric Railway

Current Status: Operating daily. See below for details of when.

The following services will run over the next few weeks:

Until Sunday 28th September – Timetable C (10 departures from Derby Castle per day between 0940 until 1640 – final departure only as far as Laxey rest go to Ramsey – returning from Ramsey between 1010 and 1640 – also departure from Laxey for Derby Castle at 0955)

Monday 29th September-Sunday 6th October – Timetable B (7 departures from Derby Castle to Ramsey daily between 0940 and 1610 – returning from Ramsey between 1010 and 1640)

Next special event: Winter Photography on the MER – 1st November

More info @ http://www.gov.im/publictransport/Rail/Electric/

Seaton Tramway

Current Status: Daily running.

The Yellow timetable is in operation until Sunday 2nd November with the first tram from Seaton at 1000 and then every 30 minutes until 1600 with returns from Colyton between 1030 and 1630.

More info @ http://www.tram.co.uk

Snaefell Mountain Railway

Current Status: Operating Daily.

The following services will run over the next few weeks:

Until Sunday 28th September – Timetable C (half hourly services 1015-1545)

Monday 29th September-Sunday 5th October – Timetable B (services roughly every hour 1015-1545)

More info @ http://www.gov.im/publictransport/Rail/Snaefell

Summerlee – The Museum of Scottish Industrial Life

Current Status: Open daily

Opening hours: 1000-1700. One tram is usually in service each day.

More info @ http://www.northlanarkshire.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=15877.

The information provided above is given in good faith and is correct to the best of our knowledge. If you know of any errors please contact us by using the comments section below or by emailing gareth@britishtramsonline.co.uk

This week we head back to Crich for the photo on this page and show MET 331 during the recent Electric 50 event as it departs the depot in preparation for the first days Cavalcade. (Photo: David Bosher)

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