Mobility scooter changes for Supertram

Following recent damage caused to trams Stagecoach Supertram have announced a new policy on the use of mobility scooters on board any of their trams. As a result only passengers who hold a “Local Bus Scooter Permit” will be allowed on board any tram whilst using their mobility scooter.

Previously mobility scooters were allowed on board the tram at the discretion of Stagecoach Supertram as there is actually no legal requirement for Supertram to accept them for travel. Because of the increase in the number of scooters being seen on the network Stagecoach are to undertake a consultation on the matter but until then changes have been made to their acceptance.

Anyone wishing to travel on board the trams with a mobility scooter are being advised that they must contact either First Bus or Stagecoach Bus to gain one of the permits. A set of
guidelines as to what type of scooter will be accepted is available at

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