Vote for a new look for the front of DLR trains

A scheme to rebuild some of the trains on the Docklands Light Railway has been announced and Transport for London are looking for people’s views on how the fronts should be redesigned! Three designs have been released on the DLR website ( with the winning design being used to shape the future of the DLR fleet.

The Docklands Light Railway fleet currently consists of 23 B90s (built 1991-2 by BN Constriction, Belgium), 47 B92s (built 1992-5 by BN Construction), 24 B2Ks (built 2001 by Bombardier, Belgium), 24 B2007s (built 2007-8 by Bombardier) and 31 B2009s (built 2009 by Bombardier). It will the earlier designs which will be refurbished to bring them back up to scratch with the rest of the fleet.

Of the three designs released the first two are very similar with just a black border seeming to be the only difference whereas the third option owes much to the livery on the B2007s and B2009s with a large amount of black.

You can vote for your favourite at

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3 Responses to Vote for a new look for the front of DLR trains

  1. Watcherzero says:

    Far and away winner seems to be the one with the all black front…. very useful when its dark that.

    • Tommy Carr says:

      We’ll the newer trains have black fronts, so I don’t see the problem there-and that wouldn’t matter because a) these trams never go on to road and b) people shouldn’t be on the tracks if someone gets hit because ‘I couldn’t see it’!

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