Manchester Metrolink Improvement Works: Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th November

More Improvement Works (formerly known as engineering works!) will take place on Manchester Metrolink over the weekend of Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th November. Everything will run as normal until 2300 on Saturday 23rd after which time trams will only run Ashton-under-Lyne to Bury and Rochdale to Piccadilly with replacement buses in use on all other routes. Then on Sunday 24th things get a little bit more complicated with trams unable to run beyond Shaw & Crompton all day and up to 1200 trams will not run beyond Cornbrook from Eccles, East Didsbury and Altrincham.

A full summary of tram services on Sunday 24th November:

Altrincham-Cornbrook 1000-1200

Altrincham-Piccadilly 1200-end of service

East Didsbury-Cornbrook 1000-1200

Eccles-Cornbrook 1000-1200

Eccles-Piccadilly 1200-end of service

Shaw & Crompton-Piccadilly start of service-1200

Shaw & Crompton-East Didsbury 1200-end of service

Ashton-under-Lyne-Bury normal service

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