In Pictures: Blackpool 623 launches the new season at Heaton Park

And its back operating again! The Heaton Park Tramway in Manchester has now commenced its 2024 season after a two and a half month delay with the sub station fault now repaired and everything back to normal once more.

The first day of the season was Saturday 15th June but it was another case of the Great British weather having a say as the plans for an open tram to be used were thwarted. However, that meant that Blackpool Brush 623 could be used, a rather appropriate choice of tram for that weekend considering it was one of the last trams to run on the old North Station route in Blackpool which was in the middle of its opening at the same time.

The first day of the season was due to be a late one as well with plans to operated until 2000, giving the unusual chance to ride on the tramway into the evening. Although its not a case of after dark running considering we were around a week away from the longest day.

With the very appropriate NORTH STATION BLACKPOOL shown on the destination blind 623 is seen coming through the woods on its way back to Lakeside.

“Mum, the trams are back running can we go and see them?” As the trolley of 623 is about to be turned at Lakeside a family of geese go looking for food in the foreground.

623 waits at Middleton Road Gates.

Blackpool Replica Vanguard 619 was stabled outside the depot in case the weather improved but sadly during this visit that was not to be and it remained here.

Stockport 5 was tucked up inside Middleton Road Depot/Museum. (All Photographs by Steven Hughes, 15th June 2024)

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