Via Marton – new Blackpool tram book from Brian Turner now available!

Renowned Blackpool Tramway expert Brian Turner is back with another book on the popular system – and as everyone with an interest in the tramways of the Fylde Coast knows this is usually a sure sign of quality so it looks set to be a popular addition to any bookshelf! “Via Marton” concentrates on the Marton route with plenty of photos taking a journey along the tram route.

The information provided about the book is as follows:

VIA MARTON – The last traditional street tramway in Blackpool – and in Britain – closed on 28 October 1962. It ran from Talbot Square to Royal Oak, both destinations being followed – in Blackpool’s distinctive diagonal format – by the evocative suffix Via Marton.

The trams followed an exceptionally varied semi-circular route which took them through the busy town centre, out via the leafy suburbs of Marton, and back to the flat rectangularity of South Shore.

This hardback book, with 85 colour and 150 black-and-white photographs on 114 A4-size pages, follows the same journey during the last years of the Marton tramway. Only 100 copies have been printed.

To find out more, email “Please send me details of Via Marton.”

With only 100 copies available you’ll need to be quick to add another quality Brian Turner book to your collection!

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6 Responses to Via Marton – new Blackpool tram book from Brian Turner now available!

  1. Paul McGill says:

    Hello Brian I wish to purchase a copy of your latest book VIA MARTON. I am not very computer literate so please guide me through the process.

    • Gareth Prior says:

      Thanks to those who responded to this message. I’ve passed those over to Paul rather than publishing personal information online. Paul you should have an email with details of how to purchase a copy of the book – you may need to check your spam/junk folder in case it has gone in there.

  2. Michael Morton says:

    I picked up my usual two copies of Brian’s book on Friday last and have not put it down.
    Brian is, of course, the leading authority on the history of Blackpool’s trams and this book is full of superb photographs, most of which have not been published before.
    If you are interested in the Marton route – I just remember it in its final days when I was four years old – this is a superb reference manual. If you are just interested in Blackpool’s trams, it is even more relevant inasmuch as it features an era consigned to history.
    After all, “Marton” written backwards is “No Tram”!

  3. Brian Turner says:

    I’m down to single figures. I’m hoping to arrange a further printing, but can’t guarantee it, and it won’t be for at least two weeks.

  4. Brian Turner says:

    “Via Marton” is now sold out. A reprint will be available in two or three weeks.

    • Peter Jackson says:

      As a student tram guard for 5 years in the sixries I would be grateful if you would reserve me a copy of the next print run. Best wishes, Peter Jackson.

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