In Pictures: Edinburgh Trams 267 receives new adverts

Edinburgh Trams 267 has now reached ten different adverts following the removal of its BT ads in favour of a new design for Johnstons on Elgin. The tram is the second in the fleet to have had 10 adverts for 10 different companies/promotions following on from 264.

267 had previously been advertising BT with those adverts having been in place since February 2024. Other previous adverts have been:

CR Smith – September 2017-June 2019

EE 5G – June-August 2019

Spotify – August-December 2019

Johnnie Walker Visitor attraction – September 2021-December 2022

St James Quarter Christmas shopping and dining – December 2022-Janaury 2023

Tennent’s Lager – January-July 2023

Edinburgh International Festival – July-September 2023

Hello Fresh – September 2023-February 2024

The advert is in the usual partial Edinburgh Trams style featuring full height adverts on sections three and five and above window ads on the rest of the tram.

The simple but effective design of the advert as the tram pauses at St Andrew Square.

A close-up view of the main advert sections of 267 as its held at Picardy Place with a broken down bus causing delays meaning no trams between West End and Balfour Street. (Both Photographs by Roy Calderwood, 26th May 2024)

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