In Pictures: A trip to the Crich Tramway Village

In this latest visit to the Crich Tramway Village we take a look at the sights of the operating service on Sunday 11th May. With pleasant sunny weather this visit saw the current “nice weather” selection of trams – Blackpool 236, Blackpool 40 and our first photos of Chesterfield 7 back in service since its return earlier in the month. Stuart Cooke provides the photos.

The work on constructing the replacement Tea Rooms is ongoing on the right as we see Blackpool 236 about to terminate at Stephenson Place with another service.

Chesterfield 7 waits at Wakebridge when working back towards the main museum site.

Another look at 236 as we see it coming back to Town End and passing the tables outside The Red Lion.

Through the pedestrian arch of the Bowes Lyon Bridge we see Chesterfield 7 as it pauses at the Entrance stop. (All Photographs by Stuart Cooke, 11th May 2024)

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  1. Geoff, IoM says:

    Cracking shot through the arch, Stuart!

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