Campaign launched to save Roseburn Path in Edinburgh

Earlier this year, the City of Edinburgh Council announced their intention to progress with plans to further extend the tram system with a line running between Granton and the Bio Quarter. There is a public consultation to come later this year looking at route options but even before that stage is reached a campaign has been started to “Save the Roseburn Path”.

The Roseburn Path – which is on the alignment of the former railway line to Leith and Granton – has become a green wildlife corridor, footpath and cycleway in recent years and campaigners are concerned about losing this. Their particular concern is losing a safe haven for cyclists who would be forced into busier areas.

The Council had previously considered an alternative route which would travel via Crewe Road South and Orchard Brae but this has been ruled out for both cost reasons as well as the added road congestion this will cause. This has led the Roseburn Path to be the most viable option but opposition for this is growing from both local residents and politicians.

On their website ( campaigners state that “We want to ensure that the Roseburn Path continues as a fantastic green space and active travel corridor for walking, cycling running. We believe that trams should replace cars, rather than people walking, cycling and wheeling. And we know the immense value the Roseburn Path already has to the people of Edinburgh. The destruction of the Roseburn Path risks the entire path network. If we do not act now, we will lose it forever.”

As part of the campaign they are urging people to get involved in the consultation when it launches, write to their local Councillors (for which they have provided letter templates) and spread the word of the campaign on social media.

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2 Responses to Campaign launched to save Roseburn Path in Edinburgh

  1. Geoff Currie says:

    Let’s get this straight. The Roseburn Path was built initially as a rail route, and now people are likely to object to it becoming a rail route?

  2. Robin Barnes says:

    I’m not quite clear what the intention is now; back in July 2008 (that long ago!) one
    of the public consultations on the proposed system was held at St George’s West Church on Shandwick Place. There were a number of maps on display indicating the routes planned. Line 1b was to connect Granton with the Airport line at Roseburn Junction, as the previous response states largely following the old double-track Caledonian branch, with intermediate stops at Saltire Square, Caroline Park, West Pilton, Crewe Toll (for Western General), Telford Road, Craigleith, Ravelston and Roseburn. The map clearly showed the foot/cycle path running beside the northbound tram line. As far as I know that is the intention still, although how wide it would be I guess is the bone of contention. I certainly would not wish to be the politician(s) making a final decision. Someone will inevitably be unhappy whatever is decided, but surely it is the ideal tram route.

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