Reminder! Blackpool 634 to be launched into service at East Anglia Transport Museum

Its been a good six weeks since it was originally announced and now the time is very nearly upon us – the Fylde Transport Trust’s Blackpool Brush Railcoach 634 is to be launched back into service at the East Anglia Transport Museum on Friday 29th March (Good Friday) as part of a Blackpool Tram Weekend.

634 last ran in service back in 2004 (in Blackpool) and since withdrawal has undergone restoration. This was initially completed by former owner Andy Ashton and more recently the Fylde Transport Trust have helped to get the tram close to a return before it was transferred to the East Anglia Transport Museum last year where final commissioning was completed.

When it returns to service, 634 is bound to turn heads with it having been painted into an approximation of one of its famous advertising liveries. Its now carrying “Terror Tram” adverts which is similar to the Coral Island Terror Train ad it carried between June 1996 and November 2000.

The Blackpool Tram Weekend should see all available trams with a Blackpool connection run – this, of course, includes Marton VAMBAC 11, Standard 159 as well as Sheffield 513. There are also planned to be tram displays. 634 should enter service from midday on Friday 29th March and then be used regularly throughout the weekend.

There will also be a park and ride bus service alongside a heritage bus service between the museum and Lowestoft. All the usual museum attractions will also be available – that includes trolleybus rides and the East Suffolk Light Railway.

On top of the Blackpool Tram Weekend, the East Anglia Transport Museum will also have an Easter Treasure Hunt on Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday.

  • Full details on visiting the East Anglia Transport Museum can be found on their website at The event takes place each day between 1100 and 1700.
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  1. Harvey says:

    Will 634 eventually be going back to Blackpool, or is it staying at East Anglia for good?

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