In Pictures: Metrolink advert liveries

We’ve been reporting over the past few weeks of various new advert liveries which have been applied to trams in Manchester and in this article we have a round-up of photo of some of them – whilst also bringing news of yet another one!

The one advert we haven’t reported on before is now being carried by 3047. A mainly black advert the tram is promoting the AO Arena (the current name for the large arena at Victoria Station) with the vinyls first seen at the start of March.

3047 is a tram which has seen many different advert liveries over the years with this being its sixth sponsor. This started off in June 2018 with an ad for Vodafone (until December 2019) before a big gap until April 2023 when it advertised Soccer Aid (until August 2023). Since then its been a steady stream of wraps: Marc Jacobs (September-December 2023), Bee Network Christmas (December 2023-January 2024) and Lulumelon (January 2024-March 2024).

Also featured in this article is the new advert on 3061 for Rochdale Town Hall. This features a white background with the slogan “MADE YOU LOOK” and confirmation that is opens from 3rd March 2024. This is the fourth advert for 3061.

3061 departs from Deansgate-Castlefield with a service to Victoria.

Here we see 3047 in its advert for AO Arena as it runs onto Mosley Street from the delta junction in Piccadilly Gardens. (Both Photographs by Reece Hughes, 4th March 2024)

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