In Pictures: Metrolink 3028 gets its first advert

The recent influx of new adverts on trams in the UK shows no signs of abating with another tram in Manchester now carrying vinyls instead of standard fleet livery. 3028 is the tram and it’s a first for it as it hasn’t previously had an vinyl wrap.

3028 is now advertising Asahi Super Dry which is marketed as “the world’s first super dry beer”. The vinyls include the slogan “ONE CITY. ONE GAME. ONE LOVE.” and includes contravision on the centre windows on the tram.

3028 is the 54th different M5000 to have now carried advertising vinyls (out of 147 – 37% of the total fleet).

3028 is the rear unit of a double at Altrincham when seen showing off its new advert for Asahi Super Dry. (Photograph by Geoff Hope, 2nd March 2004)

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