Picture in Time: Sunderland 16

We return to Beamish for a second week in a row as “Picture in Time” continues looking back at images from the past.

This time we have moved from the Entrance to the Town (at this time it was only the Town at the museum!) where we see Sunderland 16 arriving on the clockwise circuit. The weather looks wet and as a result Beamish looks relatively quiet for a day in the height of the main summer season.

Sunderland 16 dates from 1901 but has been restored to its 1920s condition which means its fully enclosed rather than the open topper it started life as. It came to Beamish in 1989 but it wasn’t to be 2001 until work of the various parts of the project started to come together and a launch into service would come two years later in 2003.

Photograph by Ken Jones, 18th August 2008

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