More West Midlands Metro tram moves!

It does get a bit repetitive with all these tram moves on the West Midlands Metro but there has been another one to report – this time its one heading back to Wednesbury as 29 is back at the depot once more.

29 is another of those trams which had been at Worksop for storage but with these currently being swapped over it was time for it to come back to the West Midlands. 29 had been at Worksop since 21st August 2023 when it was the third of the Urbos3s to head that way.

The tram returned on Tuesday 20th February – almost exactly six months since it went the other way.

This now leaves 26, 27, 28, 31, 34 and 37 at Worksop.

Back at the depot and being shunted, 29 is seen here just outside the confines of Wednesbury Depot. (Photograph by Andy Walters, 21st February 2024)

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  1. CAF Urbos 3, 26, is now back at Wednesbury depot as reported on this site earlier this month.
    The only trams currently at Worksop are: 27 28 31 34 37.

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