First details announced of Supertram ticket changes post Stagecoach era

As has been known since last year, this March will see the Stagecoach era of operation on the South Yorkshire Supertram network come to an end with the South Yorkshire Combined Authority setting up a new company for this purpose. More details of what the change will mean have now been revealed with a number of previous tram ticket options no longer being available.

In the announcement on the Stagecoach Supertram website the exact date of the change has been confirmed along with the name of the company which has been set-up by the SYMCA. Thursday 21st March will be the last day of Stagecoach operation with the newly named company, South Yorkshire Future Trams Limited, then taking over from Friday 22nd March.

This will mean that as from this date Stagecoach Gold and Silver tickets will not be available for travel on the trams. Anyone who purchases one of these tickets has been told that it must be used before 22nd March as it will not be available from this date – the tickets will remain valid on Stagecoach buses only. In addition Sheffield student bus and tram Megarider and South Yorkshire Child bus and tram DayRider tickets won’t be sold anymore and have to be used by this date too.

From 22nd March all tram tickets will have to be purchased via  new app, from a SYMCA ticket vending machine or on board the tram. The Stagecoach app will no longer be selling tram tickets. Further information on purchasing tickets post the change are to follow, including full information about ticketing options.

It is also confirmed that there are no plans for the Supertram timetable to change from 22nd March.

A statement from Stagecoach also thanks everyone for their support over the years: “Stagecoach is proud to have operated Supertram for 27 years. Thank you to all Supertram colleagues who have kept the city moving and to our passengers for travelling with us.”

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  1. Dennis Wingfield says:

    Will the new authority renumber all the trams following on from the last Roberts Cars,
    537-562 etc. Tram Trains 399 563, etc. All in sequence including the railway class.

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