In Pictures: A look around Blackpool North Station terminus

The wait goes on for trams to run up Talbot Road on the Blackpool Tramway extension to North Station with no official word coming out of the Council as to just when it may open. As we’ve reported many times before its all been dependent on the completion of the Holiday Inn which looms large over the tram terminus and with that set to welcome its first guests in spring 2024 its hoped that trams won’t be far off. In this update we take a look at the current scene with signage and barriers in place.

The Holiday Inn looms large over the subway entrance to the tram stop. There should be no doubt for any intending passengers just where they need to go for the trams with the large lettering directing people through the subway.

There still remains a lot of barriers in place across the worksite. This view is for the entrance to the terminus with the crossovers in place to access the tramstop. (Both Photographs by Trevor Hall, 17th February 2024)

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25 Responses to In Pictures: A look around Blackpool North Station terminus

  1. Geoff Currie says:

    I have been a tram freak for now nearly seventy years, but I really cannot understand how this spur can even modestly economically work? Who is going to use it???

  2. Count Otto Von Dusseldorf says:

    Yes Blackpool Council have been very quiet on an official opening date. I saw a few workmen yesterday morning working on the side where the car park will be. No tarmac or whatever the top surface will be has been put down yet. The council must be embarrassed by the lengthy delay to an extension that should have been opened 2 years ago. Millions of pounds lost in tram and hotel revenue. What a debacle!

    • Kev says:

      I love it when people blame the Council for things outside of their control. the delay is 100% hotel construction.

      • Count Otto Von Dusseldorf says:

        Blackpool Council made the mistake of approving a tram terminus slap bang next to a hotel building project.The final stop should have been located on Talbot Rd itself by Sainsbury’s store. Also for giving the building contract to SlowcoachbuildersRus.

  3. Nostalgicyetprogressive says:

    I suspect that the majority of tram passengers would be on day trips by rail. Those staying and laden with luggage would be far more likely to hire a cab as is often the case now. Hotels such as Holiday Inn tend to attract more in the way of business clientele rather than those on leisure breaks. Such travellers would most often be on business expenses, either arriving by car (on mileage rates), using a hired car or simply hopping into taxis, all at their employer’s expense. To most, this would be far preferable to mingling with the general public on any form of public transport, including trams, especially if they wish to discuss business matters with a colleague but without a wider audience.

    This would all mean that with the exception of the height of the Summer and Illuminations season (mid-July to early November) plus Bank Holidays outside this period, the tram service to North Station would like as not be grossly underused.
    Therefore for roughly two thirds of the year, revenue levels would likely prove to be poor and profitability in doubt.

    • lazzer says:

      3000 civil servants will be based at the DWP building a short walk from the tram terminus. I should imagine several hundred a day of these workers will use the tram to get to work. For those civil servants who live in Fleetwood and work in Blackpool this is an ideal transport option. I think the extension will be a success.

    • Kev says:

      You do know other people than business and tourists use trains? Also the terminus is ideally situated for venues on the bottom end of Dickson road, handy for Sainsburys etc. also alighting on the Talbot Sq stop avoids crossing the prom in winter weather so will be used as a stop for town (its a sheltered walk from there).

  4. Nigel Pennick says:

    Beaten by the Edinburgh and Wolverhampton extensions. Now the race is on to see whether trams will run in Dudley first,

  5. Jack Gledhill says:

    So called High Season(Easter to Xmas)now runs 4 trams per hour,down from 5 now to 4 per hour!What are the odds that when(IF) the extension goes ahead this will now be 2 trams per hour down from 3 with the winter service axed possibly before it even starts!
    Fairly obvious that this expensive folly was doomed from the start.2010 NOT this last few years.From profit to loss without even opening!You couldn’t make it up!

    • Malcolm Bury says:

      I do hope your ‘glass half empty’ outlook is completely shattered and that the extension proves to be a success. I know that many taxi drivers will use the same arguments that you put forward, but then again, they want it to fail as they will lose some valuable custom (and deservedly so given the extortionate amounts that they charge).

    • Kev says:

      Jack – you have clearly made it up though. Let’s get it open first shall we?

  6. Brian Michael says:

    Looking forward to seeing the construction work on the Talbot Road extension and the North Station Tramstop with all it entails.

    Is there any further information that a section of track will have to be relaid around the junction of Talbot Road and Dickson Road as the tracks are too close together?

    I’ve heard that two trams cannot pass each other somewhere in this area as they would touch, as tests have apparently shown.

    • Count Otto Von Dusseldorf says:

      Tram testing of the route was done in July 2022. If what you say is correct and trams could not pass a certain point without touching, then it would have been sorted out by now don’t you think? Sounds like a rumour with no foundation tbh.

  7. Ian says:

    Can we have a break from knocking Blackpool Tramway and start encouraging them instead?

    They are the only survivor from England’s tramway heyday still operating on part of the original routes.

    • Nigel Pennick says:

      Having an unopened extension standing idle for several years does no favour to us who encourage the readoption of trams in places where there once operated. Blackpool rashly destroyed its entire network except the seafront and Fleetwood Tramroad thereby abolishing almost all on-street running except by the Metropole Hotel and in Fleetwood (with the rump of street track to Rigby Road and Blundell Street depots, some of which was abandoned not so long ago). Blackpool is a remarkable survivor but the North Station re-opening has proved extremely frustrating as the original junction for it was laid 12 years ago.

  8. Jack Gledhill says:

    With respect to Lazzer.A short walk from the terminus but hundreds may use the trams!!!!!

    • Geoff, IoM says:

      Jack: I’m confused: does your comment mean that you agree with Iazzer, or disagree?

    • lazzer says:

      Oh yes Jack hundreds of civil servants at the DWP will use the trams. They may even get a discount fare off Blackpool Transport. Also a college is to be built near to the DWP so I reckon lots of students will use the trams. Now then Jack which taxi firm do you work for…?????

      • Jack Gledhill says:

        I fully respect your point of view.May I enquire if you live anywhere near Blackpool because if you do you will be fully aware
        that both the DWP and Multiversity sites are being built around the Cookson Street area which actually leads directly to the new North Station on Talbot Road!Both venues are between a 3 minute and a 5 minute walk from North Station.(I tested this myself and I am 86 years old)to each.
        Who in their right mind is going to board a tram after possibly waiting up to twenty minutes if one has just left to go down to the promenade and then walk back to where they’ve virtually just left and have to pay to do so!
        Your reply should be interesting!

  9. Gareth Prior says:

    Please note comments on this article are now closed. Its going round in circles and nothing new is being added to the conversation.

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