Stop by Stop London Trams: Beckenham Junction & Elmers End lines – Avenue Road

On we go with our journey on the Beckenham Junction & Elmers End lines on the London Trams system.

The tramway remains single track after we depart from Beckenham Road but then when we arrive at Avenue Road there is space for double track here (allowing trams to pass) and there are platforms either side of the tracks for the first time on this line. There are shelters on both platforms along with seating, passenger information displays, information cases, validators and everything else you would expect!

2541 calls at Avenue Road on the way to Wimbledon in this photo. You can just see beyond the front of the tram where the track goes back to single track again.

Then we see 2559 arriving at the stop from the opposite direction as it heads to Beckenham Junction. The national rail lines are the other side of the brown fence. (Both Photographs by Gareth Prior, 21st September 2021)

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