In Pictures: Continued progress in Dudley

The West Midlands Metro network is set to be further expanded later this year (yes, we know there is still a lot of work to do and it seems unlikely based on past experience it will be this year but the official word remains late 2024) when the first phase of the Wednesbury to Brierley Hill extension opens as far as Flood Street in Dudley. In this latest pictorial update of progress we are in Dudley to see track going down.

As well as the construction of the West Midlands Metro line, there is further investment for public transport in Dudley with the bus station having closed in January 2024 to allow a complete redevelopment. When completed it will become a transport interchange with this expected to be completed by mid-2025. Its planned that a tramstop will be provided here (it would be the penultimate stop on phase one of the line) although if the various timelines are to be believed this would be before the new interchange is opened.

The two projects are separate and recently work has been progressing on laying tracks in this vicinity. This is the one stage of the West Midlands Metro extension project which definitely does seem to have been making good progress with much of the track on the streets in Dudley having already gone down. It’s the earlier part of the line which still needs significant work along with platform construction and installation of overhead. Whilst its expected that at least some of the line may be built without overhead not the whole length would be able to be like this.

Track is down and road surface reinstated in this view as we look towards Merry Hill (away from Wednesbury and the current line).

Meanwhile, looking the other way towards the old bus station we see work at an earlier stage. Some track has been laid but more is to follow. (Both Photographs by Mark Cufflin, 10th February 2024)

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