In Pictures: Stagecoach branding being removed on Supertram

It was confirmed last year that when Stagecoach’s contract to operate the South Yorkshire Supertram system comes to an end in March 2024 that it will not be renewed with an “arms length” publicly owned company being set-up to run it instead. Whilst there are likely to be very few, if any, noticeable changes when the change-over takes place one thing which is already happening is the removal of Stagecoach branding on the exterior and interior of the trams.

It would probably be fair to say that to most people who take the tram, or even those who just acknowledge that they are there, the fact that the Stagecoach logo is being removed from the trams will probably pass them by as that is all that is happening. The Stagecoach name is being taken off from where it sat above the Supertram logo and no other changes are expected.

115 demonstrates the Stagecoach name removal. But if you look closely you can still make out where it was!

Side of the tram and its just Supertram there as well. (Both Photographs by Stuart Cooke, 22nd January 2024)

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4 Responses to In Pictures: Stagecoach branding being removed on Supertram

  1. Malcolm Littler says:

    Does this mean that the national senior bus pass will no longer be valid on Supertram?

    • Robert Whitham says:

      I think the existing concessions regarding the use of senior citizen bus passes will be honoured under the new operator. I hope so at any rate…..I have one !

    • Dr John Ridgeway-Wood says:

      The national senior bus pass isn’t valid on Sheffield trams unless you live in Sheffield. Same with other places where they have trams. In Manchester holders of senior bus passes have to pay an annual £10 fee to use the trams.

      • Peter Witt says:

        Sheffield super tram accepts concessionary bus passes issued by any English council.
        South Yorkshire county council reimburses supertram for accepting the passes, even though the council cannot obtain reimbursement from national government .

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