In Pictures: Beamish trackwork means rare use of Town crossover (and a chilly tram ride!)

Whilst many heritage tramways complete track and other maintenance work out of season when they are closed to the public at Beamish it’s a bit different. Although the museum doesn’t open as often in the post Christmas period as it does at other times of the year it does still let the public in which means when some maintenance on the tramway takes place a revised service has to operate. That was the case on Sunday 14th January 2024 when work was underway on the curve at the end of the town leading to the relatively rare use of the crossover in the Town. It was also a day for brave tram crews as Blackpool 31 was in service!

The work on the track was pre-planned and meant that the section of tramway between the Town and Foulbridge was closed; shutting the full museum circuit we’re used to seeing. The work was actually taking place on the curve just to the Foulbridge side of the Town which led to a different reversing operation than we usually see when its not possible to use that section of track.

Ordinarily the curve is still available which allows trams to terminate in front of the Bandstand and then pull forward, get their trolley turned and then head back to the main stop by the Bank. But without the curve the trams instead used the crossover in front of the houses to head to the stop outside the Bank.

For ease of the operation just one tram was used in service on this visit – and it was Blackpool 31! It may have been cold but its high capacity saw it chosen for use, becoming the latest tram in the Beamish fleet to have been used in service this year.

31 demonstrates use of the crossover.

The cinema in the 1950s Town continues to take shape as 31 passes on its way into the original Town.

New sleepers wait to be installed. (All Photographs by Trevor Hall, 14th January 2024)

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  1. The section of track between the Town and Foulbridge was also closed on Saturday 13th when we visited to see the fantastic Beamish pantmime.

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