15 Years Apart: Seaton Tramway 12

Today “15 Years Apart” is going back down to the Seaton Tramway.

The then image for today shows Seaton 12 at the old Seaton terminus on 25th October 2008 during the End of Season Gala which used to take place on the last weekend in October. It may look like its been taken on the side of very big hill but its more a case that the photographer had the camera a bit wonky! At the time the tram had between deck adverts for a housing development.

Then on 27th May 2023 and we see 12 again, this time at the other end of the line at Colyton. The tram is still in the same red and cream livery but in the intervening years had spent some time in a special 40th anniversary livery. The tram again has adverts for a housing development – a different housing development! – and they aren’t only in between decks but also below the windows as well. (Both Photographs by Gareth Prior)

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