The Completely Random A-Z of Trams in the British Isles! E is for East Anglia Transport Museum

And we now reach the letter E – and this is a letter which meant we had to make a choice as to which E to go for!

In the end we have gone with the East Anglia Transport Museum to represent the letter (don’t worry the other E – which we’re sure you know what it is! – will follow in this series under a different letter!). First opening to the public in 1972 the museum allows you the opportunity to not only ride on trams but also trolleybuses and on the narrow gauge railway – on special events heritage buses also operate. Recent (and future) years are set to see an expansion of the museum with new land having been acquired which the railway already runs into and a new tram depot has been constructed, which has allowed the tram fleet to continue to increase.

One of the long standing members of the tram fleet is London Transport 1858. Although it did run briefly in the early days of the museum it required restoration and this saw the tram enter service in July 1986, and its run most years since. This photo shows the tram in the woods on 9th July 2016. (Photograph by Gareth Prior)

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