The Completely Random A-Z of Trams in the British Isles! C is for Crich

Our A-Z continues as we reach the letter C.

This is probably another letter where it would be pretty obvious what we would choose – yes its what is now known as the Crich Tramway Village and is home to the National Tramway Museum. 2024 will mark 60 years of electric trams at Crich but the history of the museum goes back further than that to 1959 when the site was discovered and acquired for what would eventually be developed into a tramway museum including a street scene for the trams to operate along. The first horse trams ran in 1963 and over the years not only had the museum expanded (the running line now goes through to Glory Mine, a distance of a little short of a mile) but so has the fleet of trams which examples from not only the British Isles but also beyond.

This photo looks down from atop the Bowes Lyon Bridge towards Town End with the tram depots on the right. There are four trams on the double track mainline with London Transport 1622 closest to the camera and Blackpool & Fleetwood 2 following on behind. In the distance is Shefield 74 and beyond that is Chesterfield 7. (Photograph by Gareth Prior, 8th June 2008)

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