West Midlands Metro 55 damaged in car collision

55, the most recent tram to have entered service on the West Midlands Metro, has suffered damage after being involved in a collision with a car at Priestfield. The collision happened on the afternoon of Saturday 25th November 2023.

The location of the collision was as the tramway joins the road just to the Wolverhampton side of Priestfield tramstop. A car struck the side of the tram with the impact seeing the car then hitting a lamppost.

The extent of the damage to 55 – which only entered service on 14th November 2023 – has yet to be determined with the tram having been returned to depot for assessment once the scene was cleared. It now joins 42 off the road with that tram still waiting for completion of repairs after it was hit by a unmarked Police car during driver training on the Wolverhampton Railway Station extension.

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2 Responses to West Midlands Metro 55 damaged in car collision

  1. Steve GM says:

    What, it’s new one too what is with those drivers???‍♂️????

    • Scott Murphy says:

      Standard of car drivers today has really gone downhill. What part of “Trams have priority” don’t these people understand?

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