In Pictures: Yes, even more new adverts in Edinburgh!

You know how it goes by now. Edinburgh Trams and the ever changing adverts shows no signs of abating with not one but two new adverts having recently been seen on trams – one is a full vinyl wrap whilst the other is the more traditional “Edinburgh” type of arrangements.

The full vinyl wrap is on 263 which is now advertising Bruichladdich Whisky. The tram has a turquoise/green base coat with, as usual, the advert the featuring vinyls over the windows on two of the sections and this includes a bottle of whisky. The rest of the tram tells us that “We Make Progress, Not Promises”.

Whilst being the first full wrap for 263 its obviously not the first advert its carried. Its advertising career started in August 2017 with an advert for CR Smith (until November 2019) and then its been American Express (November 2019-March 2020), Spotify (August-November 2022), Glenmorangie Whisky (November 2022-April 2023), Seven Peaks IPA (April 2022-August 2023) and Tennent’s Lager (August 2023-November 2023).

The second new advert is on 251 and is a revised design for St James Quarter. This is actually the fourth different design of advert for St James Quarter that the tram has carried (starting in June 2022 with a gap for the first six months of this year when Hello Fresh interrupted things) and this updated ad tells us of its “Levels of Wonder”. It’s the standard Edinburgh type of ad and features a purple background – it seems that parts of the advert are as they were before, although the full height adverts are new.

This is the ninth different ad that 251 has carried (including the four for St James Quarter) which also included one for CR Smith between May 2018 and February 2019.

263 climbs up to St Andrew Square in its new advert for Bruichladdich Whisky.

Another view of 263 as it heads around the corner to York Place on its way to Newhaven.

251 heads through Edinburgh Park with its revised St James Quarter vinyls.

This photo shows 251 at Gyle Centre. (All Photographs by blackpool_trams)

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