In Pictures: Work at Wolverhampton St George’s

It was late August the last time we saw trams running in service to Wolverhampton St George’s but it now appears that the signalling work being undertaken there has now been concluded which will hopefully mean at some point in the future there may be a return for services – and at the same time allowing both Wolverhampton termini to be served by trams from Edgbaston Village.

Of course, Wolverhampton St George’s is the original northern terminus of the then Midland Metro and now West Midlands Metro network from Birmingham. Originally build with an island platform featuring track either side it had previously been rebuilt to be a single faced platform. It had remained the only Wolverhampton terminus until the Wolverhampton Railway Station extension was conceived.

Ahead of the line to the station opening the route to St George’s was temporarily closed from 29th August 2023, firstly to allow for driver training to Wolverhampton Railway Station to take place. Then when the extension opened on 17th September 2023 there were works needed at St George’s which meant that it remained closed and all trams were routed to the station.

In recent weeks work has taken place on the signalling at St George’s with four signal transponders and associated wiring having been installed. This does now appear to have been finished but there remains little sign that it will be reopening to trams just yet.

Evidence of the signalling work which has taken place.

More work on the signalling systems. (Both Photographs by Andy Walters, 13th November 2023)

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