In Pictures: Hello to a Fresh new advert on 267

Back in September we reported on a new advert having been applied to Edinburgh Trams 267 with it having been spotted at the depot carrying its new vinyls. Now advertising Hello Fresh the tram was still having attention at the depot at the time so it didn’t enter service but now a couple of months later that has been finished and 267 is back out on the line again.

The advert on 267 is a very familiar design as it is identical to the advert carried by 251 for the same sponsor in the first half of 2023. Its in the usual non-full wrap design in Edinburgh with the third and fifth sections of the tram having full height vinyls and then the remaining sections just featuring ads above the windows.

267 approaches Haymarket with a service for the Airport.

Another view of 267 and its new Hello Fresh advert. This is at Ingliston Park and Ride. (Both Photographs by blackpool_trams, 10th November 2023)

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