In Pictures: Flexity2 010 back in service

With the Blackpool Tramway having operated a more reduced service throughout 2023 than had been seen previously (particularly pre-pandemic) the 18 strong fleet of Flexity2 trams has had a fair amount of spare capacity this year. This has led to some of the trams spending longer periods off the road and once of those which had not been seen in service for some time had been 010, however, it has recently returned to action.

010 is one of 13 trams which have already been fitted with the camera equipment for the obstacle detection system, ODAS. This has yet to be switched on across the fleet and with five trams still be fitted its likely to be 2024 before the system is switched on and used across the Blackpool Tramway.

010 calls at Little Bispham on the way back south to Starr Gate on a sunny autumnal day. Note the cameras for ODAS fitted at the top of the driver’s windscreen. With this image taken on Armistice Day the tram is carrying a poppy in its cab window. (Photograph by Michael Morton, 11th November 2023)

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  1. Oliver Shenton says:

    Trams 005 and 006 are out of service for attention at the moment.

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