Trams &: Sunderland 16 & bus

In this “Trams &” we are again returning to Beamish – or is that Sunderland? As both the tram and bus we feature originally operated in that city.

Sunderland 16 is a tram that features regularly on these pages and for a long-time it was the sole public transport representative at Beamish that ran in Sunderland. With it being the only fully enclosed double decker in the fleet it is used pretty regularly – particularly during the winter months – doing what it does best, moving the crowds visiting the museum around the site.

In this view we see the tram passing the bus depot as it approaches Foulbridge with an anti clockwise service. In the depot we see Sunderland Crossley bus 13. This is not a resident at Beamish but has become a fairly regular visitor which has allowed the opportunity to capture the two Sunderland vehicles together. The bus was built in 1947 and with the tram running until the system closed in 1954 there are chances the two would have met in Sunderland in their operational lives too.

Photograph by Trevor Hall, 6th November 2022

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