In Pictures: London Transport 1858 in service at East Anglia’s Trolleybus Weekend

Every year in September, the East Anglia Transport Museum run their “big” event of the year: Trolleybus Weekend. With their extensive fleet of trolleybuses in use throughout the weekend (which includes late night running on the Saturday evening) the trams don’t get ignored either and this year it saw Blackpool 11, Sheffield 513 and London Transport 1858 in service.

You will notice that the list of trams included London Passenger Transport Board 1858 in service which had been enjoying some maintenance earlier in the season. With this work completed, 1858 returned to service earlier in September to bring the operating fleet up to five trams again (Amsterdam 474, Blackpool pair 11 and 159, Sheffield 513 and now 1858).

This year the Trolleybus Weekend took place on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September and once again seemed to be a popular event showcasing the museum at its best.

Under sunny skies 1858 poses at Chapel Road terminus.

1858 is now joined by a fellow former London resident – “K class” trolleybus 1201. (Both Photographs by Tim Major)

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