Out and About: West Midlands Metro – Urbos3s in service

We go “Out and About” again today and the location this time around is the West Midlands Metro.

The use of the Urbos3 during the summer has been a little erratic with some days seeing none at all in service. But 3rd July 2023 did see some in operation including 20. This is one of the trams which had been to Dudley for repairs and had been back since April after these were completed.

Two days later at Bilston Central and we see 21 out on test/driver training. (Both Photographs by Andy Walters)

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4 Responses to Out and About: West Midlands Metro – Urbos3s in service

  1. Andy walters says:

    Last week was good one for the Urbos 3s
    20 25 28 30 31 36 37 all out on the same day
    for several days

    Tram 20 seems to the highest of 703.159 km
    has of today .

    Only 25 30 today

    It has been mentioned a few times that 22 is now withdrawn , it has a collapsed floor !

  2. CAF says:

    Intrigued why this site refers to the first batch of WM CAF Trams as “Urbos 3” and the second batch as “Urbos 100”. According to all other sources and references, they are all the Urbos 100 variant (indicating 100% low-floor passenger saloon) of the Urbos 3 base design. CAF’s own website designates them all as “Urbos 3-100″…

    • Ken Jones says:

      It is not only this site but reference books like Inter City Railway Society also use the terminology Urbos 3 for trams 17 to 37 and Urbos 100 for trams 38 onwards. Whereas Wikipedia refers to them all as Urbos 3 on their West Midlands metro page. On their CAF Urbos page Wikipedia explain how CAF Urbos 70 and 100 are variants of the Urbos 3, so this site is right to use Urbos 3 and 100. Urbos 3 were retrofitted with battery power and Urbos 100 came with battery power already in place according to the Railway Technology website

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