Stop by Stop Edinburgh Trams: Newhaven extension – Picardy Place

After eight week we come to the end of our journey along the Edinburgh Trams Newhaven extension as we reach Picardy Place.

We leave McDonald Road and continue on the double track along the road and as we approach Picardy Place we take a gentle curve to the right as we arrive at the stop. At the time of photography a great deal of public realm works were still underway here which means that the stop seems a bit cramped with the proper access to it seeming to be via several different crossings.

Its another island platform when we do get to Picardy Place and that platform, of course, has tracks either side. On the platform there are shelters, seats, ticket machines, validators, lighting, CCTV, passenger information displays and information panels.

Here we see 252 just arriving at the stop. It is just coming off Leith Walk with a service from Newhaven and pulling into the Airport bound platform. The ongoing public realm works dominate the left of the shot and make photography of this platform face a little tricky!

Then late on 2nd July we return to Picardy Place as we se 273 arriving bound for Newhaven. Here we can see the works underway beyond the platform and in the centre background is St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral which was designed by James Gillespie Graham and opened in 1814. (Both Photographs by Gareth Prior)

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