NET staff vote overwhelmingly in favour of strike action

GMB Union have confirmed that their members who work on Nottingham Express Transit have voted overwhelmingly in favour of taking strike action over the latest pay deal offered to them. 92% of members voted to take strike action and although dates have yet to be announced its expected they will be time to coincide with the annual Goose Fair, one of the busiest events of the year for NET.

The pay deal offered would have seen staff offered an increase of between 6.75% and 9%, with the lowest paid staff enjoying the higher rate of increase. However, the union have said that this still amounts to a real-term pay cut.

Colin Whyatt, GMB Organiser, said (with goose related puns): “This is a clear message from Nottingham’s dedicated tram staff that they will not be backed into a corner by low pay. Tram workers are facing the harshest cost of living crisis in a generation, with many of them unable to afford to live and shop in the city they work in.

“Tram bosses have been keen to plead poverty in recent weeks, but hard working and loyal staff cannot be expected to foot the bill whilst tram bosses feather their nests. This vote now confirms that Nottingham could now face transport chaos come Goose Fair, an outcome everyone wanted to avoid. Time is rapidly running out, but our union is always open to negotiating a solution when tram bosses are ready to see sense.”

In response to the news, Chris Wright, Managing Director of Nottingham Trams Limited, said: “While we have noted the outcome of the GMB ballot, we are disappointed at the unnecessary reaction of the union to our sensible and fair pay offer. This includes an increase of 9% for our lowest-paid employees and 6.75% for all other members of our team, a proposal that represents an overall pay rise of 20% since the Covid-19 pandemic. However, we remain committed to reaching agreement on a reasonable and realistic pay settlement for colleagues.”

The Goose Fair is due to take place at The Forest Recreation Ground between 29th September and 8th October.

Dates for any strike action are expected to be announced in the coming days.

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