Picture in Time: Croydon Tramlink construction

Before we start to look at some trams again in this series of “Picture in Time” we have one final image of construction work taking place ahead of the opening of the Croydon Tramlink system.

Last time out we had a photo taken from the Roman Way flyover looking towards the stop at Reeves Corner and this time we turn around and look towards Croydon Town Centre at the same location. With Church Street straight ahead and Tamworth Road to the left today if we took this photo we would see tramtracks curving into Tamworth Road from both Church Street and behind us. Indeed we can see the trackbed being put into place on the left although work on Church Street is yet to get underway. Of course, today not do trams only curve into Tamworth Road but they can also run straight from Church Street on the way to Wimbledon. The House of Reeves furniture store was destroyed in an arson attack in August 2011.

Photograph by Tony Sullivan, May 1998

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