Manchester Metrolink Then & Now: Hardy Lane

We continue our “Manchester Metrolink Then & Now” series today as we take a third look at Hardy Lane on the route of the Manchester Airport line.

Trams now run on Hardy Lane as they make their way to the Airport with services having started running on 3rd November 2014. It’s the first part of street running on the extension with the line just having coming off a reserved section of track.

Whereas the last couple of weeks we have seen a wide road and little change these photos show something little different. This is Hardy Lane/Hurstville Road looking north east on 13th March 2011 and as we can see at this time this part of the road was relatively narrow with grass verges and driveways leading to the houses on the right.

On 25th September 2014 (pre-opening of the line) 3087 is on driver training when captured running along Hardy Lane. As we can see the grass verges have gone and the roadway widened to allow the double track tramway to be laid. Cycle lanes are also now in place. (Both Photographs by Keith Chadbourne)

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