In Pictures: Supertram Citylink 399 206 back in service

Recent months, going back as far as the middle of last year, has seen availability of the Citylink vehicles operating on the Stagecoach operated Supertram network at an all time low. Both 399 205 and 399 206 have been out of service for some time but this is about to change with 206 already back in use while 205 has been seen out on test.

Seven of the Citylink Tram-Trains were built for Supertram in 2015-6. Four were ordered for the Tram-Train service to Rotherham Parkgate whilst another three were to aid capacity on the remainder of the network. The fleet is split into two with some of the vehicles fitted with a wheel profile to run to Parkgate and the others to be used on the main tram network; each sub-fleet is unable to be used on the other service unless it has a bogie swap. As things stood until recently 399 201399 204 were fitted with the tram-train wheel profile and 399 205399 207 could operate on the conventional tram network.

However, both 399 205 and 399 206 have not been used for some time. 206 has become the first to return to service with it being seen working on the Yellow route on Wednesday 12th April – this is believed to be its first use in service for around eight months.

Then the following day, 399 205 was seen being tested as it too is on the road to return.

399 206 back in service on a grey Sheffield day. This shows it on High Street when working a Yellow route to Meadowhall.

We take another look at the returned 399 206 as it works along Langsett Road. Its again bound for Meadowhall. (Both Photographs by Stuart Cooke, 12th April 2023)

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