In Pictures: 53 on driver training after commissioning completed

The highest numbered tram on the West Midlands Metro is edging closer to entering service with 53 having completed its mileage accumulation and testing. Its now been handed over to the operational team and although its not yet been seen in passenger service it has been noted in use on driver training.

Although we still don’t know for certain what date 53 arrived in the West Midlands Metro it has been at Wednesbury Depot since at least March with its arrival coinciding with another of the Urbos100 trams. Its been confirmed that this second tram which arrived on the same night was 51 and after 53 completed its mileage accumulation its classmate has started its own runs, with it seen at the end of March starting this process.

53 has now started to be seen running in daylight with driver training runs taking on at least Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th April. With trams not currently able to access the depot during the daytime this has meant that between these runs it has been stabled in the third platform at Wednesbury Parkway.

In other West Midlands Metro tram news, 24 is now also back at the depot having had its repairs completed at the Very Light Rail Innovation Centre in Dudley. Its thought it returned around about 28th March.

53 sits in the third platform at Wednesbury Parkway on 3rd April in between driver training runs. (Photograph by Andy Walters)

In this view we see 53 on a driver training run at West Bromwich Central on 4th April. (Photograph by Mark Cufflin)

Another look at 53 on driver training duties. This is at Kenrick Park.

And then again on the approach to West Bromwich Central.

A photo showing 24 back on the depot on 28th March following the completion of repairs. It retains the white panels which show where repairs have taken place. Its got 51 for company in this shot. (Photographs x3 by Andy Walters)

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