In Pictures: Metrolink 3078 back in service and 3080 gets a new advert

The long-term out of service trams on Manchester Metrolink have reduced by one again with the return to action of 3078. It was in service on Tuesday 28th March, believed to be its first day back in use since repairs were completed.

Of the trams which have been out of use long-term, 3078 is one of the shorter long-term ones as it last ran in February 2022 (in fact it was the one in the long-termers which had been out of use for the shortest period). With it being returned to service at the end of March that makes it around 13 months between passenger usage.

With 3078’s return to action there remain 3005, 3015, 3027, 3065, 3099 and 3100 in the out of service category.

And as we mentioned earlier in the week, 3080 is also now sporting a new all over advert. It’s a new design for USDAW, a union who are no strangers to advertising on a tram as they previously had a wrap on 3064, which was only removed last December.

Back in service after over a year out of action, 3078 is seen at Victoria when working through to East Didsbury.

An interior view of 3078.

3080’s new advert for USDAW is seen here at Market Street. It was working on the Airport route with this service heading into Victoria. (All Photographs by Reece Hughes, 31st March 2023)

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