New Metro trains to be fitted with defibrillators

Every single drivers cab in the new fleet of Tyne and Wear Metro trains is to be fitted with a life-saving defibrillator, Nexus have confirmed. That means each train will have two of the devices on-board (a total of 92 across the fleet) with this just one of many ways they will be revolutionising public transport across Tyne and Wear.

Cathy Massarella, Nexus Major Projects Director, said: “Defibrillators are a fantastic and life-saving addition to our new Stadler train fleet. We are getting 46 new trains and every single one will have two defibrillators on board for use in the event of a medical emergency. These devices save lives when someone suffers a cardiac arrest. I am sure our customers will be pleased to hear that all of our trains are going to have them. The new Metro fleet is going to be transformational for Metro and this is one of the many wonderful, modern new features of this £362m project.”

Defibrillators deliver an electric shock to the chest to restore a person’s heart to a normal rhythm after they have suffered a cardiac arrest. Nexus have previously installed them at Monument, Haymarket and Heyworth but they haven’t previously been available on board trains.

The first two of the new trains have been delivered from Switzerland to Gosforth with testing around the depot already underway. Passenger service is due to start at the end of this year.

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