They’ve Run in 2023!

With Crich, the Manx Electric Railway and Statfold Barn Railway now having started running for the year and joining the likes of Beamish, Blackpool and the Wirral Heritage Tramway we have our first round-up of which heritage trams have operated in passenger service during 2023.  Once again this list includes any heritage trams which have run with passengers during the year – including private hires but not testing. The information provided is not currently complete so if you notice anything which isn’t right please let us know (contact details at the end of the article).

Beamish – The Living Museum of the North

Blackpool: 31

Oporto: 196

Sheffield: 264

Sunderland: 16

Blackpool Tramway

Brush: 621, 631

Centenary: 648

Railcoach: 680

Balloon: 700, 707, 713, 717, 723

Illuminated: Western Train, Frigate

Crich Tramway Village:

Blackpool: 167

Glasgow: 22

Leeds: 180, 399

Sheffield: 510

Manx Electric Railway

Motors: 9, 21, 22

Trailers: 57

Seaton Tramway

11, 14, 15, 16

Statfold Barn Railway

Burton & Ashby: 14

Summerlee Museum

Information to follow

Wirral Heritage Tramway

Birkenhead: 69, 70

Wallasey: 78

Only tramways which have started running are currently included in the above list.

Information is believed correct up to and including Monday 20th March 2023. This list is intended to show those trams which have run in some form of passenger service during 2023 (and thus does not include those on test/driver training) and is as accurate as possible, although errors may have occurred. Various online sources have been used to collate this information.

If you know of any mistakes or anything not included above either please leave a comment below or email

Note: Oporto 196 added to Beamish list 22/3

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