In Pictures: A little bit of snow at Beamish

Whilst further south there was major disruption caused by snow (with Crich having to delay their 2023 opening by two days) up in the northeast of England, whilst there was snow of the white stuff which came down, it was far lighter and just added to the photos at Beamish!

On Saturday 11th March 2023 there was just one tram in service at Beamish with open balcony car Sheffield 264 allocated to service. And yes despite the snow people still braved the balcony! We’re pretty sure if an open topper had been out they’d have gone upstairs on that too!

With just a little bit of snow on the ground (and evidence of some having been swept by the side of the track) Sheffield 264 heads round the museum tramway. (Photograph by Trevor Hall, 11th March 2023)

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