In Pictures: Trolley turning back at Beamish…

With the tramway at Beamish running on a circular route its usually the case that the only time that a trolley needs to be turned is at the depot when a tram enters service. But recent trackwork on the line has meant that sections of the route have been closed which has led to crews having to turn the trolley in service.

As we’ve mentioned already this winter, significant amounts of trackwork have been undertaken, or are being undertaken, on the tramway to keep the infrastructure in the best possible condition for the operation of the line. As reported in the last Beamish Transport and Industry Blog article, the trackwork has been taking quite a time. This includes work in the Town and also on Bog Bend and Pillar Bend (between the Town and Foulbridge).

On a visit to the museum on Thursday 2nd March to allow this work to take place the tramway was closed between the Town and Foulbridge. This mean that trams could run Town-Pockerley-Entrance-Foulbridge only with it necessary for them to turn at each end and thus requiring crews to turn the trolley. The work was due to be completed to allow a reopening of the full tramway by Saturday 4th March.

Sheffield 264 is used to demonstrate the turning of the trolley. This was the only tram in service on this day and we see the trolley being turned in the Town here having terminated – a pretty unusual sight in itself. (Photograph by Trevor Hall, 2nd March 2023)

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  1. Gordon Bulmer says:

    They were replacing the outer rail at Bog bend.

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