Around the World in Trams: Strasbourg 1036

Its one last shot from Strasbourg in today’s “Around the World in Trams” and this time we feature one of the Derby built trams.

When the line was opened in 1994, Strasbourg wanted 100% low floor trams and to provide these a new consortium called Eurotram was formed between CTS and Socimi (an Italian company a far cry from the more modern day French built and designed Alstom Citadis on the majority of French systems). 26 of these Eurotrams were built 1994/5 with the ABB works (now Alstom with it being Bombardier in between!) at Derby used for the assesmbly of many of these vehicles.

31 Eurotrams remain operational in Strasbourg and this shot shows 1036 in operation. The trams only have single leaf doors and one of the most apparent things when you compare these trams to those in the UK is the lack of distinction in colours between where the doors are and the rest of the body.

Photograph by Peter Watts, 19th December 2022

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